Sunday, 13 January 2013

Giles Corey - Giles Corey

i don't know if anyone else gets this but my kakaotalk is really annoying. it gives me notifications but when i unlock my phone the notification vanishes. stupid thing. but then i only talk to one person on there.




this album has a dark and murky grey and brown feel to it. as you look at the album cover, that's what it sounds like. in terms of production and audio quality, it could be better. it's slightly tinny. but then maybe it's purposely done. trying to make sound as uncolourful as possible. it starts off very haunting and dark and very uncomfortable. but then as you progress with it, you start to feel at ease with things that come at you. when i first listened to it, track 1 left me feeling very uneasy with the banging of pianos and deathly shouting. it's like someone trying to let go of life kicking and fucking screaming all the way to the grave knowing they're going to eventually get pulled under. as the tracks fumble along like a square wheel in a dark room with wooden floors, track 6 (spectral bride, which is the highlight of this album) suddenly brings a candle light. it just kicks in and grabs your chest. OK HERE I AM!

wow this is turning into some review.

ok no more. i guess you'll have to listen for yourself to get the full scale feel of it.

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